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This is a two day course aimed at providing tuition and support in the carving of a wooden paddle.

Options include Canadian style paddle choice of the Valkyrie Viking, Huscarl and Thane, SUP paddle Freya or Loki, and the Greenland paddle.

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This is a two day course aimed at providing tuition and support in the carving of a wooden paddle.

Options include Canadian style paddle choice of the Valkyrie Viking, Huscarl and Thane, SUP paddle Freya or Loki, and the Greenland paddle.

At the beginning of the course participants are provided with a paddle blank and at the close they take away their finely fashioned paddle. The aim is, of course, to leave with a finished piece but this is dependent on the participants progress over the two days. To date no participant has left without a finished paddle.

Full course details and description available – Canadian Paddles here. Greenland Paddle here. SUP paddles here

Details on the paddle dimensions are required to allow the paddle blank to be prepared.


Variations required are:

  • The Canadian style paddles focus on shaft length
  • The Greenland paddle on shaft length, loom width and blade width
  • The SUP on style and overall length

Please feel free to call if you require guidance on any of these. UK. 07722018457

Please select the NA option in any menu that does not relate to your choice of paddle.

Additional information

Course Dates

13 July 2024, 16 Nov 2024

Experience level

Total beginner, A little skill, Some skill, Capable

Paddle Type

Huscarl, Viking, Thane, Loki, Freja, Greenland

Canadian Shaft Length

N/A, 64cm / 25inch, 66cm / 26inch, 69cm / 27inch, 71cm / 28inch, 74cm / 29inch, 76cm / 30inch, 79cm / 31inch, 81cm / 32inch, 84cm / 33inch, 86cm / 34inch, 89cm / 35inch, 92cm / 36inch, 94cm / 37inch, 97cm / 38inch, 99cm / 39inch, 102cm / 40inch

Greenland Paddle Length

N/A, 190cm / 75inch, 193cm / 76inch, 196cm / 77inch, 198cm / 78inch, 200cm / 79inch, 203cm / 80inch, 206cm / 81inch, 208cm / 82inch, 210cm / 83inch, 214cm / 84inch, 216cm / 85inch, 218cm / 86inch, 221cm / 87inch, 222cm / 87.5inch, 224cm / 88inch, 225cm / 88.5inch, 226cm / 89inch, 227cm / 89.5inch, 229cm / 90inch, 230cm / 90.5inch

Greenland Loom Length

N/A, 40cm / 16inch, 42cm / 16.5inch, 44cm / 17inch, 46cm / 18inch, 48cm / 19inch, 50cm / 19.5inch, 52cm / 20.5inch, 54cm / 21inch, 56cm / 22inch, 58cm / 23inch, 60cm / 23.5inch, 62cm / 24.5inch

Greenland Blade Width

N/A, Medium, Traditional Narrow

Certificate redemption

Paying customer, Redeeming Certificate

28 reviews for Paddle making workshop

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great experience, excellent teaching & explanation, let us do our thing and helped where needed. I came away with a beautiful and extremely functional piece of art that I created and use nearly every time out on the water!

  2. Raymond McClurg (verified owner)

    An excellent course, John was very helpful and very reassuring in his approach. Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to make their own bespoke paddle.

  3. David Barr (verified owner)

    David. March 24
    An excellent facility and a tremendous teacher with a refreshingly easy going attitude which only comes from someone who is an absolute craftsman. John helped four complete amateurs craft brilliant paddles without the use of any power tools. An excellent weekend to learn woodworking skills with a great teacher. Thanks John

  4. Tom McCormick (verified owner)

    Really worried about my complete lack of skills prior to attending the course. I need not have worried, John is a great and patient man who put me at my ease and let me get on with it. I’m really proud of what I achieved. Best thing I’ve ever done. Great workshop and coffee on tap.

  5. Stephen Creber (verified owner)

    John thanks for a great paddle making weekend. We all had a great time learning new skills and had four great paddles for our up coming trip Great Glen trip.

  6. Harald Schlindwein (verified owner)

    This is an absolute brilliant workshop and John a great teacher! In a fun atmosphere you learn to shape YOUR Greenland paddle only, or if you want almost only, by using hand tools and elbow grease. The feel and small of wood is just something special! I can only recommend this workshop!

  7. Tony

    I highly recommend Johns paddle making course if you want a relaxing almost meditative experience. I lost the track of time whilst working and everyone else worked away in mostly silence. I wasn’t sure how my paddle would work out, I love working with wood but more often nail gun and circular saw. I was pleased with the end result and getting a paddle at the end of the two days was a bonus.

  8. Angus White (verified owner)

    Excellent course. John gives a good relaxed vibe and setting/workshop to complete the two day course. Sharp tools, good advice and guidance in a lovely tranquil setting. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make a paddle and have a weekend break. The paddle blank is an excellent quality and everyone left with a high quality paddle by the end of the two days.

  9. Stephen Hannon (verified owner)

    Just finished the paddle making course in February 2024. I came on the course with limited skill and experience in woodwork and left with a paddle of which I am very proud. John is clearly very expert at woodcraft but he is also an excellent teacher. He walks the line between giving support when needed but also allowing you do the paddle yourself, learning as you go. The pre course organisation makes the course go very smoothly…all the tools laid out and sharpened, all the ‘blank’ paddles cut to the correct length and initialled and plenty of space for 6 people to work. Any instructional inputs were short and focussed and relevant to the next phase of work. John is one of those teachers with the knack of giving the right level of encouraging feedback just when you need it. Great course, great value.

  10. brian lynch (verified owner)

    I very much enjoyed the two days converting the blank into a beautiful paddle. I had doubts at times, John very supportive. Overall a very peaceful experience

  11. Stephen Potts (Gift Certificate)

    Great course, John has lots of knowledge and always there to help. 7ft paddle delivered back to U.K in perfect condition too.

  12. Pat (verified owner)

    A great two day workshop, I learnt a lot and I have a beautiful new kayak paddle… Thanks John!

  13. Seán Carroll (Gift Certificate)

    I enrolled in this course never having completed a woodworking project anything like this, but left with a high-quality Greenland paddle, thanks to John’s expert guidance. He provided a pre-glued timber block (so we could get stuck in right away) and a comprehensive introduction to the woodworking tools. Throughout the two days, his timely advice and assistance were invaluable. I particularly appreciated the hands-on experience, crafting my own paddle at a comfortable pace. The end product, a well-made, unique paddle, exceeded my expectations. Whether you’re interested in kayaking or just exploring woodworking, I highly recommend this course. You gain practical skills, a custom-made paddle, it’s excellent value and John is a pleasure to work with throughout the course. Thanks John.

  14. Philip Johnston

    Fantastic, first class. I’ve worked with wood before but never like this. From getting pieces of wood glued together to finishing with a beautiful Greenland paddle is amazing. Thank you John. With instruction & guidance throughout , I can recommend this course to anyone with an interest is creating something special from wood.

    Looking forward to getting out and using it

  15. Martin Magennis

    What can I say. I arrived at this course with no knowledge or experience of wood craft, as I told John, my only experience with timber is picking up a stick. Over the two days John guided me in how to manipulate and convince this glued block of timbers into an absolutely beautiful Greenland paddle. This is an art class that takes you through elements such as the flow of the grain, how to craft tools and their various benefits and limitations, how to make your paddle be your own. I am now the delighted owner of a unique paddle that I made myself and can’t wait to dip it in the Sea. I will be back to make another paddle as I think this is the start of a new journey for me.

  16. John OSD

    Great course, delighted with the outcome. Came here without any woodworking experience, and left with my own greenland paddle!
    John was on hand with guidance all along the way where needed – marking up, using the tools, suggested steps to follow.
    Super to see it taking shape from a glued block of wood into a crafted paddle 😊
    Highly recommend the course – well worth it, not only getting experience but a paddle to boot.

  17. Adrian Barber

    Thank you to John for running the paddle making course.

    There is no greater satisfaction than to use a product that you made yourself. Taking Johns template and then crafting the paddle based on Johns specifications moved the blank towards becoming a completed product.

    John monitored us all and would come over make suggestions on how to improve the design or not to go too far.

    Worth signing up for course.

  18. Alan Wolfe

    I did this course in June 2022. I was interested in making a paddle, just to see what it was like. I paddle sea kayaks and although I already use a greenland paddle I was interested in seeing what it might be like to make my own. I was a little hesitant before I signed up for the course because I’ve never used any of the tools involved before. And I also have zero woodworking experience either. But it was all completely fine and I needen’t have worried. John is a good teacher and explained everything that was needed for using the tools. Everything was done using manual tools: various planes, spoke-shaves, raspers, sand-paper etc. There were electrical sanders available if you felt you wanted, or needed them, to speed things up, but I much preferred the slower pace of the manual effort to make sure I didn’t go too far. I really enjoyed this course. I really liked working with the wood. John had prepared laminated blanks made up of different wood types, for each of us based on what our preferences were, and we worked away on shaping them down to the final product. The 2 days flew by. It was well worth the money. In fact for what I got out of it in terms of learning (as well as a paddle) it was probably undervalued. As I said, John is a good teacher and I had a really good time on the course. Not only would I recommend this course to people who might have an interest from a boating perspective, I’ve already recommended it to someone I know who has no intention whatsoever of ever getting in a boat, but who does like woodworking, because I think he might learn some new stuff also.

  19. Lynda Byron

    Wow! What a fantastic experience. John is just brilliant at what he does. Not only is he a Master Craftsman, he is also a wonderful teacher. He showed us what to do, and left us to get on with it, keeping a watchful eye over us and stepping in with a question just before we made a mistake that couldn’t be reversed. He is patient, supportive and creates a lovely atmosphere in the group. I just can’t believe I made such a lovely paddle. Thanks John.

  20. Andy

    Brilliant course , I made a beautiful paddle in 2 days. Learned loads and had lots of fun.
    John is a lovely guy and so knowledgeable .
    It’s great value and you get to bring home your trophy paddle when your done ! What more could you ask for ? now just have to book the canoe building course next 🛶🛶

  21. Albert Boyd

    Excellent course. John’s knowledge, attention to detail and sense of humour made the weekend really enjoyable. I brought home a Greenland paddle that I’m very proud to have made.
    I’d highly recommend the course.
    Thanks John.

  22. Stephen

    A really enjoyable two day course. John is an excellent tutor who I learnt a lot of new wood working skills from. To top it all I have a lovely Viking paddle which I made and will be in use on my next open boat trip.

  23. John

    Great course. The paddle was glued and ready to work on after some Health & Safety advice. John was on-hand for any question and with his wealth of knowledge, was able to guide us through the various stages of the shaping and finishing. Highly recommnded course.

  24. Pixie

    I’ve been making paddles for a while now . I got the chance to go up to John and make a Greenland paddle. He made it effortless and I came away with a really strong efficient beaut of a paddle. John is so knowledgeable and his skills are above and beyond. Thank you John

  25. John McClean

    I once tried making a paddle myself; it was rubbish. A weekend under John’s tutelage and I came away with what is now my most frequently used paddle. Simple, no nonsense hands-on guidance from a real expert.

  26. Valkyrie1

    Everyone had a preconceived idea of what they wanted. I already had one of John’s paddles which I use everywhere but it had problems from use in ww so I decided to make my own. I make and teach basket-making and thought I’d fly it!! No way. John gives you a “blank” and the knowledge to make a paddle. As simple as that but harder!!. Everyone left with a functioning paddle and pride that they made it. Thanks John.

    Emailed Review by Kathleen McCormick, Co. Meath. Added by Valkyrie

  27. Glenn Biesty

    The paddle making cousre is a fantastic experience. Facilities are perfect. John has a very calming, laid back nature and helped make a beautiful Greenland Paddle which I’ve used every week since. Give it a go you’ll be glad you did!

  28. Karl

    Fantastic course. John has everything ready on arrival and his skill, patience and experience in wood working is a fantastic help. Enjoyed every moment and best of all have a fantastic paddle as a memento.

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