Welcome to the home of beautiful canoes

Workshop and Boats in action

I am John and at Valkyrie Craft I build boats and make paddles to order, and supply them to the U.K., the Republic of Ireland and beyond; my boats are afloat as far afield as Norway and Cyprus and my paddles are used on every continent.

My Products include:

  • Open / Canadian canoes in Cedar and Canvas, and Skin on Frame
  • Skin on Frame Sea Kayaks, both traditional and modern
  • Paddles for open canoes, S.U.P and Greenland Stick Sea Kayak paddles
  • Canoe and kayak accessories
  • Hands-on courses in paddle making, boat building and woodworking skills.

Some of my boats are built under licence from Cape Falcon Kayaks

I hold membership of:

  • The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA)
  • The Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association (WBTA)
  • The Wooden Canoe Builders Guild (WCBG) and abide by its standards of construction for Cedar and Canvas canoes.