Merlin 16: Part planked Skin-on-Frame


The price shown above is the Deposit required and not the full price of the boat. The actual cost of the boat depends on the options chosen and is between £2000 and £2200.

This is a light weight Skin-on-Frame open canoe designed for gentle flatwater paddling.


This is a light weight open canoe designed for gentle flatwater paddling. Like the Mist its design is based on the original birch bark canoes where a timber frame supported the outer skin of birch bark.
However, unlike Mist, the Merlin has internal Western Red Cedar planking installed between the ribs and the outer skin. This produces a visually impressive look but these planks are susceptible to damage from collision with hard objects, which can cause cracking.
For this reason the Merlin is only suitable for paddlers whose activity is on predictable flat water locations.

The hull shape is based on the Valkyrie Shearwater 16.


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