Lee Board and Thwart

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This is a simple rig for those who want to have a solid and reliable yet simple leeboard sailing system for their open canoe.

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  • This is a simple rig for those who want to have a solid and reliable yet simple leeboard sailing system for their open canoe.
  • The thwart is strapped to a suitably positioned seat or existing thwart. The Leeboard is then fixed using the bolt and bracket system on the leeboard thwart.
  • The board can be adjusted whilst sailing to increase or decrease its depth and its fore and aft angle.
  • Leeboard: Solid timber. 130mm x 22mm x 117cm/42inch.
  • Leeboard Thwart: Aluminium angle bracket, stainless steel mounting bolts, wing nut and washers. 80mm x 22mm x 90cm/35inch
  • Supplied with two short straps and buckles for fixing to thwart or seat.


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Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry


Tung oil, Yacht varnish

3 reviews for Lee Board and Thwart

  1. Austen Carter

    Finally got to try out my Leeboard. c
    Craftsmanship is great. The wind dropped almost as I launched so I hardly used it but it worked well for the little use it got.

  2. Matthew Quade

    John is a master craftsman and I am totally impressed with this leeboard. I haven’t used it yet, but can tell that it has the shape and finish I was looking for in a solid piece of mahogany. It’s a great value as well, and heartily recommend this. John responds to inquiries quickly. I find him to be trustworthy.

  3. Chris Bird

    The only reason for 4 stars is that I’ve not had the opportunity to give it a fair go yet.
    Firstly the finish is excellent and puts the rest of the woodwork in my boat to shame.
    Secondly I have tried this in two positions in the boat all be it in light winds so not really a fair test. I am paddling a We-no-nah prospector 15 in Royalex, my sailing thwart is behind the bow seat so about a third up the boat from the bow. I use an endless river sail.
    The initial position was attached to the centre yoke and in this position it was easy to get to for adjustments. Although I could feel a difference it wasn’t much above what I could achieve with a paddle (though immeasurably more convenient as I didn’t have to hold anything!). Later the same day I tried strapping it across the bow seat. In this position the difference was very significant and it really felt like it was doing its job.
    I don’t intend to use this for river sailing (as I already carry too much kit!) but for lakes and larger bodies of water. Defiantly recommend the product as it will increase the range of movement I can achieve with my sailing rig.

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