Greenland Storm Paddle


Hand crafted wooden Greenland Storm Paddle.

Made to measure – a storm paddle is essentially a standard Greenland paddle with a short loom.  To make it to suit we need the dimensions for your standard paddle which we then reduce to a Storm paddle

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Hand crafted wooden Greenland Storm Paddles. Constructed using a series of laminates in hardwood and Western Red Cedar to provide a combination of strength and low weight to produce a beautiful and functional paddle.

Please provide measurements for a standard Greenland paddle. We will then use these to reduce the paddle to a storm length for you.

A Storm paddles loom length is 6 inches/ 15cm.

Custom made for you. Made to order – Approximately 21 days

For assistance on deciding on the correct measurements please visit the guidance here. If you would like clarification please call John on 07722018457


This is classified as a large item by Royal Mail and couriers – Postage is £25. Please select Large/Long item: £25.00 at the checkout. International Postage to limited counties is possible. The cost of postage to most of the world averages out at £70.00

Please note postage is done at cost price. If we could find a cheaper option we would.


The main body of the blade is Western Red Cedar which is lighter but less strong. WRC varies significantly in colour from very light to deep red, both from plank to plank and within each plank.
The darker hardwood edge armour are generally made from Walnut or mahogany.
The lighter hardwood edge armour are generally made from Ash, cherry or Popular/Tulipwood
In all case the timber is chosen from our available stock to have an appealing appearance.
The blade length is determined by subtracting the loom length from the over-all length and dividing by two. . . . the longer the loom the less blade you have to work with!
We are no longer making the ‘Western Wide’ version of this paddle. Making a paddle of wider dimensions than our medium version negates many of the benefits of using a Greenland paddle.

Additional information

Blade edge armour

Dark Hardwood, Light Hardwood

Greenland Loom Length

40cm / 16inch, 42cm / 16.5inch, 44cm / 17inch, 46cm / 18inch, 48cm / 19inch, 50cm / 19.5inch, 52cm / 20.5inch, 54cm / 21inch, 56cm / 22inch, 58cm / 23inch, 60cm / 23.5inch, 62cm / 24.5inch

Greenland Paddle Length

190cm / 75inch, 193cm / 76inch, 196cm / 77inch, 198cm / 78inch, 200cm / 79inch, 203cm / 80inch, 206cm / 81inch, 208cm / 82inch, 210cm / 83inch, 214cm / 84inch, 216cm / 85inch, 218cm / 86inch, 221cm / 87inch, 222cm / 87.5inch, 224cm / 88inch, 225cm / 88.5inch, 226cm / 89inch, 227cm / 89.5inch, 229cm / 90inch, 230cm / 90.5inch

Greenland Blade Width

Medium, Traditional Narrow

Shoulder profile

4 inch taper (Standard), 2 inch taper (Hard)


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