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The Valkyrie family of Open Canoe Paddles



  • Huscarl: Our standard general purpose paddle.  The perfect all-rounder.  It is based on the classic beavertail but has a
    broader tip and more angular corners.


  • Viking: Our prince of paddles.  Lovely touring shape and blade similar to
    a classic Ottertail but with a more shapely blade, narrowing to the point.  This is a truly excellent cruising paddle.


  • Thane: A variation on the touring shape more akin to the classic Voyageur paddle.  Slightly larger blade surface area than the Viking which allows for more power if needed.


Paddle weight

Unfortunately the paddle weight is impossible to give accurately due to the varying nature of product.  Two identical lengths of ash will likely weight in differently due to grain density etc. On top of that each paddle is made to measure so that results in variation as well, further complicated by the variation in blade size.
The paddles are naturally very buoyant due to the amount of red cedar in the blades and have been developed to maximise balance in the hand.  This makes the paddle stroke a pleasure



Viking, Huscarl and Thane                        £155.00