The Valkyrie paddle range provides beautiful wooden paddles that are well balanced, strong and durable.

With years of experience using both hand-made and commercial wooden paddles, we have identified the important features that provide a fine paddle and the key problems that result in disappointment.  We aim to eliminate snapped shafts, split blade laminates, grain cracks creeping up from the toe of the blade, slippery grips, worn out varnish and excessive weight.

Each of these issues has been addressed and we are confident that our paddles are durable enough for everyday paddling, light enough for you to forget you’re using them and beautiful enough to buy as a wall piece.

Our paddles are made to order and to measure.  We keep a small stock of paddles for display and a number of demo paddles for customers to try.  Custom made paddles are normally completed within a fortnight.

Key Features:

  1. Laminated shafts combining the lightness of western red cedar with the strength of hardwoods.
  2. Blade head edges armoured with hardwood from the tip to the shaft.
  3. Blade tips armoured with epoxy resin.
  4. Finished with multiple coats of Tung oil to:
    1. feed the timber, unlike other oils which have limited penetration and artificial driers that build only a thin surface seal;
    2. build up a durable patina that does not wash away nor chip and wear like varnishes.


Paddle types   

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Canadian Canoe Paddles

Greenland Sea Paddles

S.U.P. Paddles