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Viking means to go out travelling; the Norse sagas talk of men going ‘a viking’ and that is the niche of this paddle.  Its long curved blade gives great purchase on the water providing excellent control in open water, where wind can be an issue.  The ability to vary the depth of the stroke gives control over the level of work required and, like all touring blades, the blade length dictates the need for a slower and more relaxed stroke rhythm.  The shape is based on a modified ottertail

  • Blade Length: 74cm/29in
  • Blade Width (widest): 15cm/6in


Made to order – Approximately 21 days

Additional information

General Information

The main body of the blade can be made from hardwood which makes the blade stronger but heavier or Western Red Cedar which is lighter but less strong.
The darker hardwood blades are generally made from Walnut.
The lighter hardwood blades are generally made from Cherry
Despite its name Western Red Cedar varies in colour from dark through to almost white.
In all case the timber is chosen from our available stock to have an appealing appearance.

Shaft Length Sizing

A guide to personal paddle length is to kneel down and hold your arm out so that it is parallel to the ground. The distance from the bottom of your fist to the ground is the paddle shaft length you need. The logic of this is that this position mimics the power stage of the stroke – top hand is extended level holding the grip which puts the blade below the level of the floor ie. under water.

Blade edge armour

Dark hardwood, Light hardwood

Main blade colour

Dark Cedar, Dark hardwood, Light Cedar, Light Hardwood

Canadian shaft Length

25 inch 64 cm, 26 inch/ 66 cm, 27 inch/ 69cm, 28 inch/ 71cm, 29 inch/ 74 cm, 30 inch/ 76 cm, 31 inch/ 79 cm, 32 inch/ 81 cm, 33 inch/ 84 cm, 34 inch/ 86 cm, 35 inch/ 89 cm, 36 inch/ 92 cm, 37 inch/ 94 cm, 38 inch/ 97 cm, 39 inch/ 99 cm, 40 inch/ 102 cm

5 reviews for Viking canoe paddle

  1. Paul Leppington (verified owner)

    I’ve just received my Viking paddle which was securely packed and arrived in perfect condition. Whilst I haven’t yet had chance to try it out on the water it truly is a thing of beauty. It’s obvious that John has a passion for his craft and takes pride in his creations. The weight and balance feel perfect for me, and the grip is really comfortable on both hands. I’m looking forward to getting in my new canoe with it.

  2. Scott Templeton

    Review by Scott Templeton

    I had the pleasure of borrowing a Viking paddle for 6 months and it was an exceptional deep water paddle, comfortable and had plenty of power but also precise for various strokes. I then spent two days on one of John’s paddle making courses making my own! It was great to learn the craft with hand tools and walk away with my own paddle and worth every pound

  3. Valkyrie1

    Viking Paddle review by Cathal Bagnall. Cathal had the use of a demo paddle for a few weeks to try it out. He has subsequently purchased a made to measure Viking.

  4. Cyril Flannigan (verified owner)

    My Wife bought me one of these Viking paddles for Christmas last year, and I was delighted … It’s a fantastic paddle in terms of balance and weight, and it is made with all the care and attention of a true craftsman.
    The long blade makes deep water strokes easy on your body and gives you good reach and good volume of water on your blade making turning very easy.
    I was so impressed with how my canoe handles with this paddle that I bought a second one. Absolutely love it!

  5. Valkyrie1

    Reviews Submitted prior to August 2020
    Uploaded by Valkyrie

    1. The weight of this paddle is spot on. There is little effort needed to get a good power stroke and with no wobble in paddle. The blade cuts through the water lovely and with ease, and is silent when used. The length of blade is good and gives solid propulsion. I like the thickness of the shaft and the handle/ grip is very comfortable for distance. This is a very good paddle for journeys

    2. I wouldn’t normally choose a paddle of this shape but after using it I was pleasantly surprised. The width of the blade provides a real slow distribution of power on the pull. The blade length enables a deep stroke and allows the power to be applied on a needs basis. The handle is shaped well and for my hand is the right thickness and grip length. I like that the handle isn’t varnished as this provides better connectivity. This paddle is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship and construction, and as it is laminated it looks like it should be hung on the wall. The paddle is well balanced and is a nice weight. (Ashleigh Hunter: CANI Coaching and Development manager)

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