Shearwater: Cedar and Canvas open canoe

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The classic Canadian canoe built entirely from timber and sheathed in canvas.  Based on the traditional native American birch bark canoes and modified by European settlers to make a boat that is beautiful, robust and a pleasure to paddle.

Shearwater 14 from £3200

Shearwater 16 from £3400

Full details and description available here.

To order a Shearwater contact John to discuss the details of your order.

email :

mobile +44 (0) 7722018457

Additional information

Options/ choices

The Shearwater has a range of options including: The timbers used for the gunnels, decks, thwarts and seats; the Material used for the seat support; the paint colour and finishes used on the hull and timbers.

Boat deposit

16 ft deposit, 14 ft deposit


To confirm your intent to order this boat to be built we require a 15% deposit. Payment of the deposit confirms your place in the workshop build schedule. Building will not begin until we have had discussion via e-mail or telephone to confirm options.


At this point select 'To be confirmed.'

3 reviews for Shearwater: Cedar and Canvas open canoe

  1. Pixie

    Had the pleasure of using one of theses amazingly crafted canoes of john’s at the weekend. The craftsmanship and skill that is put into all of john’s creations is outstanding. It’s handles beautiful in the water and can take on the wind . Really stable and strong boat. Thank you John

  2. Michael Hansen

    My Shearwater 16 was a present to myself for my 60th birthday. That was 7 years ago. She has weathered well and becomes more beautiful with every season. Needless to say I take care of her and for me that’s part of the fun. I’ve paddled since I was a kid. Over the years I’ve had many canoes of every kind. Most of them were good canoes in one way or another and I learned something from every one of them. John Wilkinson’s Shearwater canoe is absolutely the best all round canoe I’ve ever had – by a nautical mile. I can still portage her by myself too. If she ever gets too heavy for me, and the day will come if I don’t paddle into the sunset first, I’ll just have to get one of John’s skin on frame canoes.

  3. Paul Green

    Visited John prior to purchasing a Shearwater 14 although i was a novice he very patient and explained every detail of what i would be getting and was not disappointed with what i collected a few months later super quality.
    Have now had many hours of enjoyment on the water.

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