Selkie: Skin-on-frame Greenland kayak

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This is a fast, light and sturdy kayak.  Its design evolved over hundreds of years as a fit-for-purpose hunting boat capable of fast acceleration, speed, manoeuvrability and ability to handle rough seas.


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5 reviews for Selkie: Skin-on-frame Greenland kayak

  1. David Poots

    I love the Greenland kayaking style and finally took the plunge with a Selkie west greenland style skin frame. It looks beautiful with graceful lines. It’s beautifully balanced, I can pick it up easily with one hand on the masik. It has an ocean cockpit, but it’s not a tiny hoop, the shape is more elongated forwards which makes entry/ext easy. My Reed ocean “A” deck fits nicely. The boat has hard chines which taking getting used to, it gives the impression of being unstable but as soon as it’s moving it settles down. My boat has plenty of rocker and is remarkably manoeuverable. It still tracks well but the trade off is some weather cocking. This boat is quick, I can cruise at 4 knots without much effort. I’ve had it out in chop and big waves but feel completely comfortable. It’s a joy to roll & makes me look good. I’ve made a quick video which you can find here

  2. Glenn Biesty

    John is a Master Craftsman, the Silkie he Crafted for me is an absolute beauty. I look forward to mastering the craft of paddling it to it’s full potential. Thanks John, this is a Kayak I will Cherish for a lifetime! Glenn

  3. Bob Bainsfair

    The Selkie John made for me is a beautifully well designed and constructed boat. It’s fast and manouverable and has been a joy to paddle on day and overnight trips. It is now my go-to kayak in preference to my Valley Avocet, and is lighter and easier to transport and port. Ironically, the cost of the Selkie was less than a new glass fibre kayak. Many thanks John.

  4. Valkyrie1

    4* Sea Kayak Leader.
    Boat Purchased 2016.
    Review uploaded by Valkyrie.
    John built me my first selkie for my around Ireland expedition in 2014. However, the boat was intentionally built with heavier and stronger timbers to ensure its fitness for purpose in a long expedition in potentially very dangerous waters. After talking through the ins and outs of my original Selkie John built me an ultra narrow version. He raised the foredeck to give me more leg room, fitted adjustable foot pegs and a built in keel line skeg. It took a little getting used to but the boat is a speed machine. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the finished kayak is light beyond belief.

  5. Valkyrie1

    4* Sea Kayak Leader.
    Review uploaded by Valkyrie.
    In 2014 I took on an extended expedition as a personal challenge and decided to make a point of using a traditional boat and paddle. I went into it with minimal experience in a Greenland kayak but I am very glad I did.  My boat was custom built by John of Valkyire Craft with me taking part in the process alongside him.    
    In  a rough sea I’d now choose no other boat. Despite its apparent low profile and initial feel of instability I found that it has excellent secondary stability allowing a beautiful solid extended use of edging to counter the effects of wave, wind and tide .  The lower deck profile catches less wind, and, although I never had to roll in anger, it rolls easily.  In good conditions it tracks very well and manoeuvres well under edge.  In addition to all of this it is fast, eating up the miles.  I won’t be using any other boat if I can avoid it!

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