Mast Thwart – Canoe Sailing


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This is a simple rig for those who want to have a solid and reliable sailing system for their open canoe.

The thwart is bolted to the canoe gunnels using wing nuts to allow easy fitting and removal.

Solid construction of 95mm x 22mm timber.  Total width 90cm/35inch

Mast hole available in hole diameters of 32mm & 38mm.  

Available in Ash, Mahogany, Cherry & Walnut

Additional information


The system is finished with Tung oil. It will need periodic oil to maintain it. Oiling simply requires a small amount of oil to be wiped over the surface and then wiped away later once it has had an opportunity to be absorbed into the wood.


The thwart should be fitted by bolting to the gunnels using wing nuts to allow removal when not in use.

Timber choice

Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry


Tung oil, Yacht varnish


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