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This is a two day course aimed at providing tuition and support in the carving of a wooden paddle.

Options include Canadian style paddle choice of the Valkyrie Viking, Huscarl and Thane, SUP paddle Freya or Loki, and the Greenland kayak paddle.

At the beginning of the course participants are provided with a paddle blank and at the close they take away their finely fashioned paddle.   The aim is, of course, to leave with a finished piece but this is dependant on the participants progress over the two days.  To date no participant has left without a finished paddle.

Full course details, pricing and description available – Canadian Paddles here.  Greenland Kayak Paddles here. SUP paddles here

Details on the paddle dimensions are required to allow the paddle blank to be prepared.

Variations required are:

  • The Canadian style paddles focus on shaft length                                (£130)
  • The Greenland paddle on shaft length, loom width and blade width.   (£140)
  • The SUP on style and overall length                                                    (£150)


Please feel free to call if you require guidance on any of these.  UK. 07722018457

Please select the NA option in any menu that does not relate to you choice of paddle.

Additional information

Course Date

Weekend of the 21st of May 2022

Paddle Type

Greenland, Huscarl, Viking, Thane, SUP Freya, SUP Loki, Gift Cert. cash in

Canadian shaft Length

NA, 25 inch 64 cm, 26 inch/ 66 cm, 27 inch/ 69cm, 28 inch/ 71cm, 29 inch/ 74 cm, 30 inch/ 76 cm, 31 inch/ 79 cm, 32 inch/ 81 cm, 33 inch/ 84 cm, 34 inch/ 86 cm, 35 inch/ 89 cm, 36 inch/ 92 cm, 37 inch/ 94 cm, 38 inch/ 97 cm, 39 inch/ 99 cm, 40 inch/ 102 cm

Greenland Paddle length

87.5 inch/ 222 cm, 88 inch/ 224 cm, 89 inch/ 226 cm, 89 inch/ 227 cm, 90 inch/ 228 cm, 90.5 inch/ 230 cm, NA, 75 inch/ 190 cm, 76 inch/ 193 cm, 77 inch/ 196 cm, 78 inch/ 198 cm, 79 inch/ 200 cm, 80 inch/ 203 cm, 81 inch/ 206 cm, 82 inch/ 208 cm, 83 inch/ 210cm, 84 inch/ 214 cm, 85 inch/ 216 cm, 86 inch/ 218 cm, 87 inch/ 220cm

Greenland Loom Length

40 cm/ 16 inch, 42 cm/ 16.5 inch, 44 cm/17 inch, 46 cm/ 18 inch, 48 cm/ 19 inch, 50 cm/ 19.5 inch, 52 cm/ 20.5 inch, 54 cm/ 21 inch, 56 cm/ 22 inch, 58 cm/ 23 inch, 60 cm. 23.5 inch, 62 cm/ 24.5 inch, NA

Greenland blade width

NA, Medium, Traditional Narrow, Western Wide

5 reviews for Paddle Making Course

  1. Pixie

    I’ve been making paddles for a while now . I got the chance to go up to John and make a Greenland paddle. He made it effortless and I came away with a really strong efficient beaut of a paddle. John is so knowledgeable and his skills are above and beyond. Thank you John

  2. John McClean

    I once tried making a paddle myself; it was rubbish. A weekend under John’s tutelage and I came away with what is now my most frequently used paddle. Simple, no nonsense hands-on guidance from a real expert.

  3. Valkyrie1

    Everyone had a preconceived idea of what they wanted. I already had one of John’s paddles which I use everywhere but it had problems from use in ww so I decided to make my own. I make and teach basket-making and thought I’d fly it!! No way. John gives you a “blank” and the knowledge to make a paddle. As simple as that but harder!!. Everyone left with a functioning paddle and pride that they made it. Thanks John.

    Emailed Review by Kathleen McCormick, Co. Meath. Added by Valkyrie

  4. Glenn Biesty

    The paddle making cousre is a fantastic experience. Facilities are perfect. John has a very calming, laid back nature and helped make a beautiful Greenland Paddle which I’ve used every week since. Give it a go you’ll be glad you did!

  5. Karl

    Fantastic course. John has everything ready on arrival and his skill, patience and experience in wood working is a fantastic help. Enjoyed every moment and best of all have a fantastic paddle as a memento.

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