Mist: Skin-on-Frame open canoe

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A beautiful lightweight alternative to the classic Canadian cedar and canvas canoe.  Mist is built using a combination of the techniques used to build traditional skin on frame kayaks, coracles and curraghs adapted to produce a boat that is beautiful, lightweight, robust and a pleasure to paddle.

Mist 14 from £2000

Mist 16 from £2100

Full details and description available here.

To order Mist contact John to discuss the details of your order.

email : info:valkyriecraft.com

mobile +44 (0) 7722018457

Additional information

Options/ choices

Mist has a range of options including: The timbers used for the gunnels, decks, thwarts and seats; the Material used for the seat support; the paint colour and finishes used on the hull and timbers.

Boat deposit

16 ft deposit, 14 ft deposit


To confirm your intent to order this boat to be built we require a 15% deposit. Payment of the deposit confirms your place in the workshop build schedule. Building will not begin until we have had discussion via e-mail or telephone to confirm options.


At this point select 'To be confirmed.'

3 reviews for Mist: Skin-on-Frame open canoe

  1. Valkyrie1

    Review by Michael Foster (Posted by Valkyrie Craft)

    I have the Mist 16. I was slow to decide to buy this hand made boat from John, mainly because the skin on frame construction struck me as fragile. I will be eternally thankful that I took the plunge.

    The boat will obviously not take dragging up and down concrete slipways and over rock, but then neither will a fibreglass canoe, and the weight of this masterpiece means I don’t need to. I can walk from car to the water with the boat on my shoulders no problems at all. I can throw it onto my shoulders no hassles at all and have done a few long portages on overnight trips with the boat on my shoulders and a large dry bag backpack on with my gear. The dry bag weights more than the boat! On top of this John stressed to me that the frame will outlast a few skins. Should it wear through, reskinning is apparently a simple matter of removing the outer gunnel, taking off the worn skin and putting on a new one.

    Paddling her is a joy. Tandem she is fast and manoeuvrable, as much room as we need for kit, and on club trips we now find ourselves way out in front. Paddling solo is magical. If anything she is too light, which means she rides high and is therefore more manoeuvrable. Simple solution is not worrying about the weight of my kit. She is fantastically responsive, and I now spend loads of water time working on developing my stoke skills because she does exactly what the stoke tells her to. She heels over nicely and slips and spins like a ballerina.

    My first impression was that she was a little less stable than I was used to, but once I was under way that faded fast, totally overshadowed by the paddling experience. Th only downside I can find is that the floor is a little bumpy for kneeling on, the ribs being exposed, so I have a thick carry mat down to kneel on . . . which I had in the old boat as well to cushion the old knees.

    Brilliant boat.
    Johns a great guy to deal with too!

  2. Paul Handley

    Review from Paul Handley (Posted By Valkyrie Craft)
    Hi John.

    I hope you are well just thought I’d send some photos.

    Thanks for building such a beautiful canoe. I have had a great time this year paddling on all the local rivers and further away in Wales and the lake District. She is a fantastic craft so light and responsive and draws admiration every time I take her out which is as often as possible.

    Thanks again.


  3. Valkyrie1

    I only had the pleasure of a short paddle in the Valkyrie Mist but was truly impressed.  The boat is incredibly light to carry, its balance on the shoulders is excellent making the portage from the trailer to the waters edge almost a pleasure.  On the water it is instantly and significantly responsive.  Fine paddle strokes move you exactly as they should.  I’ll be pestering John for another chance to try the boat out.

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