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Named after the Norse household warriors, this paddle is designed for every day general purpose paddling.  It is a beautiful all round paddle to use with the full range of strokes.  The blade size is generous giving it the potential for bursts of power when needed.  The shape is based on a modified beavertail.

  • Blade Length: 58cm/23in
  • Blade Width (widest): 20cm/8in


Made to order – Approximately 21 days

Additional information

General Information

The main body of the blade can be made from hardwood which makes the blade stronger but heavier or Western Red Cedar which is lighter but less strong.
The darker hardwood blades are generally made from Walnut.
The lighter hardwood blades are generally made from Cherry
Despite its name Western Red Cedar varies in colour from dark through to almost white.
In all case the timber is chosen from our available stock to have an appealing appearance.

Main blade colour

Dark Cedar, Dark hardwood, Light Cedar, Light Hardwood

Shaft Length Sizing

A guide to personal paddle length is to kneel down and hold your arm out so that it is parallel to the ground. The distance from the bottom of your fist to the ground is the paddle shaft length you need. The image to the left shows this method. The logic of this is that this position mimics the power stage of the stroke – top hand is extended level holding the grip which puts the blade below the level of the floor ie. under water

Blade edge armour

Dark hardwood, Light hardwood

Canadian shaft Length

25 inch 64 cm, 26 inch/ 66 cm, 27 inch/ 69cm, 28 inch/ 71cm, 29 inch/ 74 cm, 30 inch/ 76 cm, 31 inch/ 79 cm, 32 inch/ 81 cm, 33 inch/ 84 cm, 34 inch/ 86 cm, 35 inch/ 89 cm, 36 inch/ 92 cm, 37 inch/ 94 cm, 38 inch/ 97 cm, 39 inch/ 99 cm, 40 inch/ 102 cm

6 reviews for Huscarl canoe paddle

  1. northernbill

    Solid. sturdy, and beautiful. Not only are the paddles that ValkyrieCraft makes powerful and lightweight, they are incredible works of art. John creates masterpieces that are packaged properly and well worth any wait. He is true master of his craft.

  2. Gavin A.L. Davis

    A thing of functional beauty. Unwrapped it from the incredibly well wrapped package and was blown away by the craftsmanship and beauty. This is something to treasure. But beauty is nothing without function. Just paddled 17 Nm coastal in the far NW of Scotland. Light in the hand and easy through the water. Power and poise. Perfect. If well made things that work matter to you, this is the paddle. Makes a trip an occasion. Thank you John.

  3. Eleanor

    Wow!! What a piece of art! I was lost for words when I received the paddle – the finish is beautiful and the oil coating allows for a nice grip. I first tried it out last weekend and was so impressed by the power despite the lightness, and comfortable handling.The paddle is just a pure pleasure to use and I can’t wait to get out on the water again. John provided brilliant customer service too. Thank you!

  4. Billy

    I’m based in the US. I shopped around for a replacement paddle everywhere, both online and in stores nearby. The Huscarl was what I ended up choosing, for aesthetic appeal and functional quality. John was a pleasure to work with. The paddle looks and feels absolutely fantastic. He produces an exceptional work of art.

  5. Alistair (verified owner)

    This paddle is a joy to use, the blade shape gives superb control and power and the oiled finish not only looks good but gives a far better connection to the paddle than a varnished finish. I have received numerous compliments on what a beautiful paddle it is. Very happy indeed with my purchase.

  6. Valkyrie1

    Reviews submitted prior to August 2020
    Uploaded by Valkyrie

    1. The Weight is spot on. Gets the canoe moving when I wanted it to in all directions. Is fantastic for the full range of strokes. Very solid in the water, blade cuts through the water well and handles support strokes very positively!

    2. This is a really lovely paddle, very comfortable to use for long distances and really light. Blade size and the shaft are great. It feels strong and durable and as an instructor paddle it is ideal for demonstrations.

    3. This is a fantastic paddle. It has excellent shape and size for delivering real power and speed and the timber looks like it should be a piece of indoor furniture. The oiled grip gives great purchase and the looms seem tough and have minimal abrasion from canoe gunnel even from lots of use off the gunnel for pry strokes.

    4. The blade on this paddle is a nice shape. I found the length and the width well proportioned and the power is well balanced when the pressure is applied. This is a powerful blade in all strokes and slices nicely as the blade is relatively thin throughout. I really like the way the wood is laminated, especially the strips on the outside edge which will add strength and durability to the blade. The handle is shaped well and for my hand is the right thickness and grip length. I like the oiled finish since it has more connectivity than a varnished surface. For moving water the stiffness of the shaft was very useful, the paddle turned into a very powerful tool and enabled lots of power to be transferred. Overall it is well balanced and a nice weight. This paddle is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship and construction, and as it is laminated and oil finished it should be hung on the wall. (Ashleigh Hunter: CANI Coaching and Development manager.)

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