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Hand crafted wooden Greenland Paddle.  Constructed using a series of laminates in hardwood and Western Red Cedar to provide a combination of strength and low weight to produce a beautiful and functional paddle.

Custom made for you.

For assistance on deciding on the correct measurements please visit the guidance here.

Made to order – Approximately 14 days

This is classified as a large item by Royal Mail and couriers – Postage is £16.  Please select this option at the checkout.


We are no longer making the ‘Western Wide’ version of this paddle.  Making a paddle of wider dimensions than our medium version negates many of the benefits of using a Greenland paddle.


  • The main body of the blade is Western Red Cedar which is lighter but less strong.  WRC varies significantly in colour from very light to deep red, both from plank to plank and within each plank.
  • The darker hardwood edge armour are generally made from Walnut or mahogany.
  • The lighter hardwood edge armour are generally made from Ash
  • In all case the timber is chosen from our available stock to have an appealing appearance.
  • The blade length is determined by subtracting the loom length from the over-all length and dividing by two. . . . the longer the loom the less blade you have to work with!

Additional information

Blade edge armour

Dark hardwood, Light hardwood

Blade width

Medium, Traditional Narrow

Loom Length

40 cm/ 16 inch, 42 cm/ 16.5 inch, 44 cm/17 inch, 46 cm/ 18 inch, 48 cm/ 19 inch, 50 cm/ 19.5 inch, 52 cm/ 20.5 inch, 54 cm/ 21 inch, 56 cm/ 22 inch, 58 cm/ 23 inch, 60 cm. 23.5 inch

Paddle length

87.5 inch/ 222 cm, 88 inch/ 224 cm, 89 inch/ 226 cm, 90 inch/ 228 cm, 90.5 inch/ 230 cm, 75 inch/ 190 cm, 76 inch/ 193 cm, 77 inch/ 196 cm, 78 inch/ 198 cm, 79 inch/ 200 cm, 80 inch/ 203 cm, 81 inch/ 206 cm, 82 inch/ 208 cm, 83 inch/ 210cm, 84 inch/ 214 cm, 85 inch/ 216 cm, 86 inch/ 218 cm, 87 inch/ 220cm

Shoulder Profile

4 inch taper(standard), 2 inch taper (hard)

10 reviews for Greenland Paddle

  1. Mick Kane (verified owner)

    Got my paddle this year from John. Fantastic !!! After a couple of conversations John had the sizes and spec sorted. Paddle arrived on Achill well packaged and on time.
    A real joy to paddle with and I am now converted to Greenland design. Workmanship is top class and this has been commented on by many in the outdoor Education community here. Only problem is that they may be addictive and a storm paddle might be ordered soon.
    Huge thanks John

  2. Frank Harradence

    My laminated Valkyrie GP is a joy to use and the prettiest of all of my 5 GP paddles (from other various manufacturers.)
    It’s light, brilliant at linking paddle strokes & of course rolling.
    No blade flutter is felt at any time with good feedback as it moves through the water.
    Is equally adept at performing in high or low paddle mode.
    Highly recommend.

  3. Eoghan

    Bought a Greenland paddle as a Christmas present for my dad this year. He tends to do long distance paddles (can be 30km+ in a day) and he wanted a lightweight paddle for such journeys.

    I was advised to look at Valkyrie paddles and the attention to detail was excellent. John recommended a smaller blade width for long journeys and some changes in sizing and the suggestions were on the ball! Have heard nothing but praise for the paddle since – excellent quality, well finished, speedy and the lightest paddle he has had which is ideal for long journeys.

    Thank you John for all your advice and creating such a quality product!

  4. Valkyrie1

    Thank you John – My beautiful paddle arrived at the end of March when we were in lockdown so I had to wait a while before using. This is my first greenland paddle and I love it. Having used it on quite a few occasions now, it is my paddle of preference. We had a 17-mile estuary paddle recently and whereas my euro paddle would have left me with very sore thumbs, my lovely wooden paddle was still comfortable throughout; it just feels so nice to use. Several people in our small group have also tried paddling with it and our local carpenter appreciated the craftsmanship. With care and more thought, I have also managed some rock-hopping!

    Emailed review by Rosemary Philips, Cornwall. Added by Valkyrie

  5. David Poots

    I’ve been using a Valkyrie Greenland paddle for 4 years now. For the first 1/2 hour I thought it was a mistake, then it clicked and now I won’t use anything else. It promotes a relaxed efficient paddling style which is deceptively fast. Nothing comes close for bracing, sculling or rolling (in fact that’s become a hobby in it’s own right). The construction is wooden laminate which looks beautiful. There is a small weight penalty, but they are strong. (I also have a cedar paddle, which is light but fragile,I’ve had to patch it with epoxy). The paddle is oiled, not varnished. This looks great and retains grip in the wet (unlike my varnished factory made paddle).
    Two pieces of advice:
    1) let John guide you on size. I persuaded him to build me a big powerful paddle, which I can only use for surfing (It’s great for the surf but exhausting on a trip)
    2) be warned, this Greenland style can be addictive. Don’t tell my wife but I have 3 of John’s paddles and my Selkie kayak is on order.

  6. Tim Johnston

    Love my Valkyrie greenland 215cm paddle, joy to paddle with on winter days. It’s light and efficient in the water. John talks you through the wood choices and sizing and the resin tip protects the blade. As a Christmas present from my better half i also recieved the storm paddle version which is great on windy days or in surf sessions. Order a Valkyrie paddle, you won’t regret it!

  7. Alison Kennedy

    I got a Greenland paddle from John for this season and was immediately impressed. It’s great for mobility and power in challenging conditions and relaxing to use. Well balanced and light. It’s also beautiful. I rarely go out without someone saying. Easy to maintain with fine sandpaper and tung oil, every now and then.

  8. Bob Bainsfair

    Had previously purchased a greenland paddle from the States, but the one John made for me was so much better and lighter. It is a beautiful design and has given me real joy to use and has helped me develop my kayaking enormously. Ironically John’s paddle was considerably less expensive than my other euro blades and is made from durable and sustainable materials…a ‘no-brainer’ as they say. I’ll be back for a replacement or spare in due course.

  9. Mary

    I got a greenland paddle from John 4 years ago and it is beautiful! Lovely to hold and paddle with. I use it mainly on the sea and it is still in excellent condition.

  10. Hamish

    I used a Greenland paddle from Valkyrie Craft for my solo circumnavigation of Ireland back in 2014, built to the medium blade width. I found the paddle to be light, strong and naturally suited to long distance paddling. The wooden build also means the paddle feels warm against your hand in winter, and its excellent buoyancy makes rolling a breeze.

    A common complaint about Greenland paddles is that they lack the power to make them suited for aggressive paddling or for races, but here I must disagree. I have never felt that I have lacked the power to battle brutal water, and in races I have always placed highly. The difference in a spooned racing paddle and a Greenland stick may be significant. The difference between a standard western paddle and a Greenland stick is not.

    I would highly recommend these paddles, the build quality is excellent, and even if you don’t ever go paddling again they are a work of art worthy of display on the wall.

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