Custom made hand woven ‘cane’ seat


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All of our seats are made to order – You provide us with the dimensions.  We make you the seat.  These seats are handwoven in our workshop.  We do not use pre woven material glued into the seat since we know from experience this is an unsuitable system for canoes.

Frame timber is 36mm x 22mm. Solid hardwood with pin nailed mortise and tenon joints.

Cane:  High quality synthetic cane.

Valkyrie seats are made to maximise the width of the seating area so that the paddler can sit close into the the gunnel and still have seat to sit on.

Measurement required: internal width of the canoe from gunnel to gunnel at the narrowest attachment point for the seat.

Give us a call if you want this explained in more detail.  +44 (0)7722018457

Additional information

Fitting and fixing

The seat will come to you made to measure so that the limbs of the seat are wider than your boat. To fit it, you simply lie the seat on the gunnel in the chosen position and clamp it in place. Drill the bolt holes through the seat and the gunnel. Mark the limbs where you need to cut off the extra material, unclamp it and cut off the waste timber..
We recommend sealing the fresh cut ends with varnish prior to fitting the seat.
Seats come with four stainless hanging bolts, four drilled dowels and four sets of nuts and washers.

Timber choice

Ash, Mahogany, Walnut


Price is per seat and includes fixings and hangers.


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