• Game of Thrones prototype
    Game of Thrones prototype
  • Brienne of Tarth launching her 'Riverrun'
    Brienne of Tarth launching her 'Riverrun'
  • Riverrun first test run.
    Riverrun first test run.
  • Stem profile showing sweeping bow
    Stem profile showing sweeping bow

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Riverrun Lapstrake.   No longer in production

This classic boat was commissioned by Blood and Fire productions for the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.  A modified version of the Kestrel with more prominent stern and bow profile, increased rocker and period style ribs and stringers.

Key Features

Riverrun 16 

With its shallow ‘V’ shaped hull and lateral strakes this boat tracks well in the hands of a capable.  The accentuated rocker increases its maneuverability making it a delight to paddle solo.  It performs beautifully heeled over on its edge and its light weight makes it easy to accelerate and to maintain a fast paddling rhythm.

The boat has period style lateral stringers which can be used for internal lashing of gear.  Its strakes are reinforced with the addition of internal ribs and traditional roved rivets.

Despite the additional timber used in the ribs and stringers the Riverrun remains lightweight making it easy to portage solo using the central yoke thwart.


Timber: 5mm Lloyds registered elite marine plywood planking. Gunnels, decks and seats are usually American white ash or mahogany.  Decks and carry handles can be a range of other hardwoods depending on availability and customer choice.

Fixings: All screws are stainless steel and are used in gunnels and deck fitting.  Other fastenings are either brass or bronze.  The boats are fitted with bow and stern brass stem bands.

Hull:  The exterior lower hull is covered in West System special epoxy resin and fibreglass cloth.  The outer surface is then painted with high quality marine gloss, the colour choice only limited by the TEMAC or International colour range.  The inner lower strakes are covered with fibreglass and the entire inner surface is coated in clear special coating epoxy resin to provide a clear view of the timber whilst having a semi-filled cloth finish to provide maximum grip.  All bare wooden surfaces are treated with Deks Olje saturator.

Seats: As standard, seats are woven webbing.  For an additional cost they can be hand woven synthetic cane (£75 per seat).

Tender Lines: The boats come with bow and stern tender lines of floating rope.