This is a two day course aimed at providing tuition and support in the carving of a wooden Greenland style paddle.  The paddle is constructed from laminates to form the shaft and the blade and armour are glued to the shaft.  This work is done in our workshop prior to the course.

At the beginning of the course participants are provided with a paddle blank and at the close they take away their finely fashioned paddle.   The aim, course, is to leave with a finished piece but this is dependant on the participants progress over the two days.

The paddle type can be seen here.

Participants have the use of the necessary hand tools to complete the project.  The only power tools used are belt/ orbital sanders.

Wood types available for the paddle blank.

  • Main blade area – Western Red Cedar
  • Blade armour – Ash or Walnut
  • Loom/Shaft – Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Red Cedar depending on the best timber in stock at the time of the c0urse.

For advice on selecting your optimum paddle length, loom width and Blade width  go here.

If you are unsure please call John on 07722018457 to talk it through.


Booking and Payment.

When a course has been scheduled this is notified on our face book page here.

To book your place go here and make your option choices and pay a booking deposit.  If you wish to discuss anything call John on 07722018457/ email to

Greenland Paddle making course cost:  £140.00    Once you have booked on to the course full payment can be made at: ‘z Final payment – paddle making course.  This can be deferred and made in the week prior to the course.

Please Note.  Deposit payment is required in full and is non refundable – For the course to be viable it requires 5 paid participants.  If you are unable to participate a refund is only possible if:

  1. You provide a replacement participant.
  2. Your decision not to take part is provided a fortnight prior to the course date – allowing time to find a replacement.

If for any reason the course is not able to run all paid up participants will be refunded.

As an optional extra the paddle can be left with John to have the toe of the paddle machined and fitted with an epoxy protective tip.  This costs and additional £30 to cover the work and postage and packaging.  Your choice to have this done can be made during the course so no prior payment is required.