Built under license from Brian Schultz of Cape Falcon Kayaks

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Equally at home on quiet estuary back channels, extreme surf and howling winds, glassy high mountain lakes, or long trips down big water rivers with occasional rapids, you’ll be hard pressed to find another kayak that can do so many things so well as the F1.

Comfort, lightweight, manoeuvrability, quickness, cargo capacity, handling in surf and wind, and most importantly, customized to your exact body proportions, the F1 feels like exactly what it is: a kayak designed by paddlers.  Refined over hundreds of copies, we build more of these than any other kayak.  We’ve omitted useless overhanging ends that are a hindrance in caves, tight channels, the wind, and your garage, but left the waterline long enough that you can still punch it up to 5 mph when you need to give it some juice.

Optimized for the normal cruising speeds, the combination of lower weight, a flared hull, and a slightly shorter waterline reduces wetted surface resulting in noticeably less paddling effort.   This combination of playfulness and touring capability means not only can you get where you are going, but you’ll have more fun along the way, and I’m pretty sure that is the whole point of being in a kayak.


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To order an F1 contact John to discuss the details of your order.

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