Canoe purchase and delivery is organised through direct contact between us and the customer.  Prior to embarking on a boat build we will discuss all of the options and issues to ensure you get the boat that you want.   With regard delivery, in each case the most cost-efficient delivery means is used.  Cost directly relates to distance and the price of ferries for delivery outside of Ireland.  In general we work to deliver multiple boats to reduce these costs.  In many cases customers collect their boat, often using the opportunity to stay in the area and paddle some of the local rivers, lakes or coastline.  Canoe trails in Northern Ireland.

Paddles and accessories.  Postage and packing costs are calculated on the basis of standard package rates which have been generalised to three flat rates to simplify the ordering system.  Greenland paddles and longer Canadian paddles are considered large items by Parcelforce and most couriers and are charged at a higher rate.

As a general point couriers range in price widely and I have spent a lot of fruitless time trying to find cheaper otpion .  If you can find a cheaper courier than our charges please let me know!

Delivery outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Paddles and boats can be shipped to other countries.  Boats come under a different system  and you will need to contact us directly for freight charges.  We have shipped boats to a variety of international locations as far afield as Norway and Cyprus. 

In theory, international customers ordering a paddle will have a flat rate cost applied at the checkout as long as they fall within a range of zones.  The rate is constant since it varies very little regardless of how far you are from me!!   If you are in a zone the system does not include please contact me to discuss postage.

At this time other accessories are not included in our standardised postal system and will require you to contact me.  

Build and dispatch timing.

Paddles and accessories: For logistical reasons we no longer carry a stock of paddles and accessories, so it is likely that your order will have to be made from scratch.  In most cases dispatch will take place within three weeks of your order, although it can be much quicker.  Please feel free to contact us if you wish to check on either dispatch time or the progress of your order.

Boats: We do not have any stock of completed boats since we build to order.  Time frames for the completion of a boat are entirely dependant on the build schedule at one time.  As a rough guide, from start to finish a Cedar and Canvas canoe takes around 3 months whilst a Skin-on-Frame kayak takes around 4 weeks.  Much of this time is watching paint dry, epoxy cure or oil sink in.  You can’t rush a good thing!!  However, the build schedule has at times been as long as 14 months.


Payment for items purchased through the on-line store are made via paypal, credit card or bank transfer.  Items are only dispatched once payment has been received.

In the case of boat orders, payment is usually made through bank transfer in two parts; an initial deposit payment and a final completion payment made on or before collection.