This is a 8 day course aimed at providing tuition and support in the building of a made to measure Kayak .  Either the Valkyrie Selkie or the Cape Falcon F1.

The course participants are provided with the machined timber and other materials required to build the kayak.   The aim is to leave with a finished kayak, but this is dependant on the participants progress over the 8 days.  Throughout the course both individual and group tuition is provided in use of the tools and on the skills and techniques.  Depending on the level of need some direct assistance is provided.

Details on the kayak and it’s dimensions are gathered prior to the course to enable John to machine all of the timber ready for the participant to start their build on day 1.  Variations for the chosen kayak are based on the intended use and size of the paddler.

Participant use of power machinery is limited to hand held drills, mortising drill, orbital sander and hot knife.

No prior woodworking skills are required but are useful.

Following the construction of the frame there is a minimum of a one day break for the frame to be oiled prior to skinning of the kayak.  When  the skin has been coated with polyurethane it requires a minimum of two days to cure before being handled.

Course duration:

  • In some occasions the build is completed in less than the  8 day period.  In such cases the course timing can be adjusted to suit the participant
  • If the build is unlikely to be competed within the 8 days then additional help is provided, or in worst case scenario, additional day/s time made to allow the build to be extended for completion.


If you are interested in this course please follow this link to express your interest.  If you wish to discuss anything call John on 07722018457/ email to

The full cost of the course is £1350 which covers the cost of the materials, use of the required tools and 8 days tuition.