Why Valkyrie Craft Canoes should be your choice for boats and paddles

Individually crafted: Each boat is individually crafted with attention to customer requirements.  We do not work on a conveyor belt system so we can focus on producing quality.

Purpose built and functional: We provide for all types of canoeists, from the novice to the specialist, not through a baffling range of variations, but through a careful selection of designs and materials based on knowledge of the sport and of boat design characteristics.

Timeless Timber: Valkyrie craft choose timber as our main material because it is beautiful, flexible, resilient, restorable, natural, renewable and warm.

Beauty: Crafted timber, sanded and finished in oils, varnish or with translucent fibreglass sheath is a thing of unquestionable and lasting beauty.  No plastic boat can ever compete when new, and once used they gather grooves and scratches and slowly discolour.  A timber boat develops character.

Weight:  Whilst our boats may look heavier than their plastic equivalents they are in general significantly lighter.  The structure and materials we use provide the rigidity and strength required without the weight that a plastic boat with the same properties requires.

Durability: Our boats are constructed with both visual and structural durability in mind.  High wear timber areas are constructed in hardwoods.  Epoxy and fibreglass cloth protect the hull and multiple coats of oils or varnish seal and nourish the wood.  Where a plastic boat will scratch, scar and become brittle, natural wood can be sanded, recoated and restored to its original state.  With reasonable care our boats will be a long lasting investment.

Repairs and modifications: Repairs can be carried out on a range of boats and materials including fibreglass and wood (but excluding plastic).  Gunnels, decks and thwarts can all be replaced and in most cases damage to timber hulls can be patched to a high standard both visually and structurally.  Skin on Frame boats can be entirely re skinned and Cedar and Canvas boats can also be reskinned.  The Hull/ Frame of these boats endures.  Repairs are always charged on a materials and time basis and a quote will be made prior to any work being done.