Lee Board and Thwart – Canoe Sailing


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This is a simple rig for those who want to have a solid and reliable yet simple leeboard sailing system for their open canoe.

The thwart is lashed to a suitably positioned seat or existing thwart.  The Leeboard is then fixed using the bolt and bracket system on the leeboard thwart.

The board can be adjusted whilst sailing to increase or decrease its depth and its fore and aft angle.

Leeboard: Solid timber.   130mm x 22mm x 117cm/42inch.

Leeboard Thwart: Aluminium angle bracket, stainless steel mounting bolts, wing nut and washers.  80mm x 22mm x 90cm/35inch

Additional information


The system is finished with Tung oil. It will need periodic oil to maintain it. Oiling simply requires a small amount of oil to be wiped over the surface and then wiped away later once it has had an opportunity to be absorbed into the wood.

Fitting and fixing

The thwart is most simply lashed to an existing thwart or seat within the canoe. However, it can be more permanently fitted by bolting to the gunnels using wing nuts to allow removal when not in use.
The lee board nut may loosen in use, so carrying a suitable spanner/ simple wrench to retighten may be useful

Timber choice

Ash, Mahogany, Walnut


Valkyrie Craft – Open Canoe Leeboard

Really looking forward to getting out on the water and this using this great leeboard from Valkyrie Craft. Very clean and simple in design but functional and versatile. Packs down small when not being used so ideal for when its being used on expedition. Attaches in an easy manner with the use of two straps. For those that haven't tried a leeboard they really do make a big difference when sailing, especially across the wind and for prolonged periods of time. We will be using this lots on our forthcoming expeditions