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    Interior Detail
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    Scenic front view
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    Deck Detail
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    Profile of exterior
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    Profile of interior
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    Interior View
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Mist 14 – The Skin on Frame Open Canoe (Standard Build £1800) Now available

Length: 4.3m/ 14’2″  Beam: 89cm/ 35″  Weight: 19kg/ 42lb

Mist is designed as a very light, beautiful and responsive solo boat.  It is fitted out as a tandem and will carry two, but is most suitable for one.  The two seats provide good sitting positions for adjusting trim as conditions dictate.

Designed to combine the various elements of length, rocker and hull cross section this boat handles beautifully.  It can be build with an upswept or a lower fore and aft profile  It has excellent manoeuvrability, holds a good line and has ample space for solo gear for extended touring, or for day kit and short expeditions for tandem paddlers…..For the solo canoeist this is the ideal boat.

The hull shape is based on the Valkyrie Shearwater14.

This is a light open canoe designed for general purpose paddling.  Its design is based on the original birch bark canoes where a timber frame supported the outer skin of birch bark.  However, where the materials of the birch bark canoe produced a boat with a short life span, these canoes should last for years.

Moving and shallow water tests have been favourable.  The boat withstands moderate impacts without noticeable damage to the timber work and with minimal damage to the skin.  The skin damage is essentially marking in the epoxy coating, which can be remedied through reapplication of epoxy, as and when required.  The boat handles very well and therefore, in the hands of an able paddler, would make a good moving water boat.

Key features:

Very Light weight – fast acceleration, ease of portage and brilliant for lifting onto roof racks etc.

Durable – built with green oak and ash, chosen for excellent weight to strength characteristics, and with a ballistic nylon skin, this is a boat that will withstand both the elements and the trials of solid use.

Affordability – the simpler build process and reduced timber within the structure makes this boat significantly cheaper than the Valkyrie Cedar and Canvas Shearwaters.

Merlin 16 – The Skin on Frame Open Canoe

The Mist 16 is currently under development.  We hope to be able to have it available from December 2017.

Light as a feather – Lifting the Mist 14


Timber:  The entire frame is constructed from a combination of timbers chosen for specific attributes.  The choice of timber can be adjusted if required. However, to achieve the light weight the ribs are green oak, chosen for its ability to be bent and one in shape to cure to a strong rigid shape.  The longitudinal stringers are ash, chosen again for strength.   Gunnels, decks, thwarts and other elements are of hardwood with a variety of options available.

Fixings: The fixing include stainless steel screws, bronze ring nails and copper canoe tacks, all chosen for strength and longevity in wet environments.  

Skin:  The skin is a high performance ballistic nylon.  Its man-made nature ensures it is able to cope with the trials of frequent exposure to water and temperature changes and its strength ensures it is able to stand up to impact, wear and sharp edges. 

Waterproofing: The skin is sealed with the application of modern flexible epoxy resins.  These have excellent adherence to the nylon skin, assisting in its protection, and most significantly, it remains flexible and therefore maintains its integrity.


  1. I only had the pleasure of a short paddle in the Valkyrie Mist but was truly impressed.  The boat is incredibly light to carry, its balance on the shoulders is excellent making the portage from the trailer to the waters edge almost a pleasure.  On the water it is instantly and significantly responsive.  Fine paddle strokes move you exactly as they should.  I’ll be pestering John for another chance to try the boat out.